Patricia Cornwell – Why Is She The Best Crime Author?

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If you are a fan of gripping books that have you on the edge of your seat for hours on end, Patricia Cornwell’s works are a must-read. She is the author of many award-winning best sellers that are centred around crimes and thriller stories. From her first novel Post-mortem, she has authored more than 29 New York Times bestsellers and her books are translated into almost 36 different languages to be distributed across the globe.


What Makes Her Crime Genre Books Unique?  

Kay Scarpetta – key protagonist in her books

Every good author has a hook that keeps readers entertained novel after novel. Patricia Cornwell is no exception. Most of her books are centred around a few key characters that make repeated appearances throughout her work.

The character of Kay Scarpetta which is loosely based on her own professional career as a medical examiner is the key protagonist in her books. She is accompanied by her niece Lucy. Another interesting character in her books is that of Pete Marino who is a detective.

Being a forensic consultant and medical examiner in her personal life, Patricia Cornwell authors well-researched books with keen attention to detail. Any reader will instantly get hooked into reading with just a few pages of her crime thrillers. Her professional experience plays a major role in shaping the content and storyline in her books. Some of her books have become so popular that they have even been turned into TV series.

Though crime-related books are her speciality, she has also authored books and works in other genres and fields. Being an international best-selling author, she is the recipient of many awards and recognition for her books including Edgar Award, British Book Awards, Gold Dagger Award, and much more.

Controversial Approach: Sis Loves Me

Sis Loves Me - Controversial Stepsister WebsiteControversial approach to some stories is very important for Patricia Cornwell. For example did you know that world’s most controversial fantasy in last years has been an actual sex between stepsisters and stepbrothers? You can see it happening in fantasy production of Sis Loves Me. Could this trend lead to using it in the upcoming books? Definitely.

Best-Sellers That Are A Must Read

Here are some of the main Patricia Cornwell books that are a must-read if you are a fan of crime and thrillers:

  • Cause of Death – Being the 7th book in the Kay Scar pitta series, it is based around the murder of a renowned reporter, Ted Eddings.
  • Post-mortem – This is her first book published in 1990 that has been the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions.
  • Unnatural exposure – Follows the investigation of a serial killer responsible for over 7 murders.

Best-Selling books of Patricia Cornwell

Apart from the ones mentioned above, she has authored many other best-selling books that are bound to captivate and intrigue readers with mind-boggling plots, exciting characters, and well-researched storylines.

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