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Patricia Cornwell is a popular name when it comes to novels. The writer has written some of the best novels and her specialty lies in crime and suspense writing. Cornwell’s novels are far better than a Hollywood movie. You will keep on reading her novels for hours unless someone distracts you. Patricia has been writing since the 1990s and since then has produced some of the most classic novels. Her storyline writing follows a simple strategy yetthe words are enthralling. I’d liketo share with you some of the best novels written by Patricia Cornwell.

Cause of Death

“The cause of death” is the 7th book published in the Dr. Kay Scarpetta series. The novel starts with a New Year’s Eve. However this is no ordinary New Year’s Eve rather this is the unlucky eve on which the famous reporter Ted Eddings is reported to be murdered. The reporter was found dead in the Navy’s Reserve Fleet. Dr Kay has been reported about the murder before the police could find out about it. The Novel is exciting and the murder leads the investigators into a terrorist plot that could kill thousands of people. The main characters in the Novel are as follows.

Captain Green: He is working the Naval Investigative Service
Kay Scarpetta: She is the chief medical officer and the main character of the Novel
Dr. Phillip Mant: He is the Forensic Pathologist
Pete Marino: He is the police captain in the police department of Richmond


Patricia won the Edgar Award for this wonderful book. The novel was published in 1990 and since then has been read by millions. The Novel begins with a phone call received by Dr. Kay Scarpetta who is the chief Examiner Officer. The call is from Pete Marino who is a detective and a colleague of Scarpetta. On receiving the phone call Kay reaches the crime scene where a woman had been murdered brutally. Kay Now needs to find the murderer and solve this case. The main characters of the Novel are as follows

Pete Marino: He is a detective in Richmond Police Department
Kay Scarpetta: The Chief Medical officer and the main character
Dorothy Ferinelli: she is the mother of Lucy and sister of Kay
Benton Wesley: He is a FBI profiler and has a degree in Psychology
Lucy Farinelli: she is the niece of Kay and is 10 years old


The Novel is related to Crime and Fiction and is the 14th book in the Kay Scarpetta series. In this Novel Dr. Kay Scarpetta is working as a freelance in the National Forensic Academy. She takes on a case which carry’s her from steamy Florida to the snowbound Massachusetts. The clues which she gets during the investigation are very much psychological in nature. By looking at the Clues, Scarpetta and her team realize that the culprit they are looking for has a malevolent and cunning mind. The main characters of the Novel are as follows

Rose: She is secretary of Kay
Kay Scarpetta: She is the medical examiner
Benton Wesley: He is the profiler
Lucy: she is the niece of Kay
Pete Marino: He is a professional detective

Unnatural Exposure

The Novel was an instant hit, once it was launched. In the Novel Kay has to solve a case involving a serial killer. Three murders have been done in Ireland and four murders have been done in her own homeland. The Novel is a pure thriller and you will be lost in it forever. The main characters are as follows

Kay Scarpetta: She is the medical examiner
Inspector Percy Ring: He is the nephew secretary to public safety
Lucy: she is the niece of Kay


To know more about Cornwell’s classics, kindly visit this review by Goodreads. Some of the best series of crime writing have been written by Cornwell. With the internet now at your disposal, you can easily order them online from different credible portals. You can also find these novels from popular bookstores of your particular country.

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