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What You Need To Know About Patricia’s Cornwell Plans For 2019
Patricia Cornwell – Why Is She The Best Crime Author?

The Year 2019 appears to be one of the busiest years for Patricia Cornwell. The prolific author who is famous for her bestselling mystery novels, Dr. Kay Scarpetta, has a long list of activities lined up for 2019. Adding to her list of activities is her recent deal with Amazon Publishing. Amazon is making strong plans to expand their original content in an attempt to boost their subscription rate.

Patricia Cornwell’s upcoming title, ‘Quantum’, which has a release date set for December 3, 2019 will be free for readers who are part of the Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program.

However, every other interested reader who is not part of the program will have to pay $9.99 (or £7.99 in the UK)—this is the exact cost for subscribing to the Kindle Unlimited program. This is similar to how a TV subscriber can tune in and watch all favorite TV series. Kindle Unlimited program subscribers can read all recent release for free.

Pure Taboo – Controversial Scenarios

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Quantum is the first installment.

A Sneak Peek Into Quantum

Quantum is the first installment in a new series by Patricia for Thomas & Mercer.

A sneak peek according to press release said,

“[Quantum] weaves military action, espionage, and space-age technology into the story of a young NASA test pilot/aerospace engineer, Captain Calli Chase, whose quest to uncover the secrets behind her fighter-pilot twin sister’s murder takes her to the highest echelons of power: from NASA’s Langley Research Center to the White House to Scotland Yard to INTERPOL headquarters in Lyon, France. And beyond.”

Source: UPI

It is possible that the undisclosed book will be a follow-up to ‘Quantum’.

Patricia’s History With Amazon

Thomas & Mercer is an imprint of Amazon Publishing.

Apart from ‘Quantum’, Thomas & Mercer also signed a deal with the author for an untitled book scheduled for release in 2020.

It is possible that the undisclosed book will be a follow-up to ‘Quantum’.

Patricia has a long history with Amazon. In 2014, the ageless author published her title, ‘Chasing the Ripper’ with Kindle.

Three years later, in 2017, she also had a title, ‘Ripper: The Secret Life of Walter Sickert’ published by Thomas & Mercer.

The prolific author has over 29 New York Times bestsellers to her name. She has also published over a million copies in 36 languages across one hundred and twenty languages.

In 2015, Patricia signed a deal with HarperCollins.

Publishing History And Past Achievements

Cornwell’s agent and the United Talent Agency partner, Jeremy Barber has referred to the growing global presence of Amazon Publishing as ‘a significant shift within the publishing landscape’.

In 2015, Patricia signed a deal with HarperCollins for English rights to two of her books. She also has a publishing history with United States’ Penguin publishers and United Kingdom’s Little, Brown.

Through UK’s Nielsen BookScan, Patricia Cornwell has sold over £9.2 million books in prints for 60.9m. Her 2017 title, Ripper: The Secret Life of Walter Sickert also sold 3,519 paperbacks through Nielsen BookScan.

In contrast, her 2016 title, ‘Chaos’ which was published by HarperCollins sold 78,150 units of paperback. Reacting to the signing Patricia Cornwell said,

“I wanted the very best publisher in the galaxy to launch Captain Chase. I couldn’t be more excited about taking this journey with Amazon Publishing.”

Source: The Book Seller

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