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H er first novel was Postmortem. She published this novel while working as Computer Analyst in Richmond. The Novel was an instant hit and can be termed as the first forensic thriller. The Novel can be termed as a pioneer when it comes to usage of forensic technology as a source of entertainment. Patricia won many awards for Postmortem. The names of some of these awards are Macavity, Creasey, Edgar and Anthony. Cornwell books have been translated into 36 different languages of the world. She also has the distinction of authoring 29 New York Times best sellers.

M ost of the novels published by Patricia revolve around the character of Kay Scarpetta and her nice Lucy; Kay Scarpetta is a medical examiner and is an expert in forensic technology. Her niece Lucy is also a tech savvy individual. Another character which has always been the part and parcel of her Novels for the last 25 years is Pete Marino who is a detective by profession.


Apart from Kay Scarpetta series, Patricia has authored many other super hit Novels as well. She has written an account related to the identity of Jack the Ripper. She has also authored two cook books as well namely Scarpetta’s Winter Table and Food to Die For. She also holds the privilege of authoring a children’s book by the name of Life’s Little Fable as well. Patricia has also written a biography on Ruth Graham.

alt textCornwell was born in the famous US region of Miami however she spent most of her childhood in Montreat, North Carolina. In the year 1979, Patricia got her degree in English from the famous Davidson College. After getting the degree she took a job in Charlotte Observe. While working here she started to write some articles as well. These articles were mostly related to crime and prostitution. After spending some time in Charlotte Observer, she took over a job with the chief Medical Examiner of Virginia. This was the post which she has depicted in the character of Kay Scarpetta. Nowadays Patricia lives in Boston.

Apart from Novel writing Patricia is involved in many other healthy activities as well. At famous university of Harvard (Art Museum), she co-founded the Conservation Scientist Chair. Patricia also appears as a forensic consultant on CNN. She also serves as the member of the McLean Hospital’s national council. She made her name in philanthropy as well when she funded the Cornell’s Animal Hospital’s ICU unit. She has been involved in various Law enforcing charities as well.

In this page I Joanne Doe will be sharing with you some of the most classical works of Patricia Cornwell. Through this website you can find all the greatest works which Patricia has produced.

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