P atricia Cornwell was born having the name Patricia Carroll Daniels on 9th June 1956. She is a writer of crime related scenes and she has been known across many generations for her famous works that include Medical Examiner and Dr. Kay Scarpetta. She has written famous books which have sold over 100 million copies across the globe. Avid readers of her content always wait with baited breath her next release.

If you read the Red Mist, you will be amazed at the ease with which she is able to capture the mind of her readers. You can never put her book down once you start reading. She is such a rare gem with high ability to create and entertain her readers with mind boggling content. The scenes in each book are captivating and exciting to read. You might think they are real life occurrences.

A ny novel reader would recommend her books to readers. Crime was a genius though of her to begin writing since she captures a readers mind from the introduction of the book through to the end. Readers are always left wondering the next book she could be about to release. She is such a sensational writer who does disappoint.

You will find that she has many titles of books to herself such as Body of Evidence, Cruel and Unusual, From Potter’s Field, Point of Origin, The Last Precinct, All That Remains, Book of the Dead, and The Bone Dead among many others.

She has been feted greatly in many international fronts due to her ability to influence the literature world. As you read through the article, you will find that she has won many accolades such as John Creasey Memorial Award, Gold Dagger, Gold Medallion Book Award, Anthony Award, and British Book Awards among many other awards. She has never stopped being creative.

Readers always ask the question, “What was she thinking when she wrote such and such a book?” the answer to the question is not easy since her mind has been accustomed to being creative, critical, and thinking outside the norm. Any normal occurrence would not amuse her but an unusual happening would trigger her to write. She never tires to write and each book comes with a new sensation. She Patricia, as you will read in the article, has a rare brain that never runs out of books. Her life is a life of writing, reading, and exploring.

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