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When it comes to novels then different people have different likes. Some like love stories, some like classical writings and some like thrill or suspense. Well I am someone who falls in the third category. If you are also someone who is fond of crime and suspense novels, then this article is a must read for you. In this short write up, I am going to share with you guys some crime novels which I really enjoyed and which I recommend everyone to read. Before moving forward, I am not shy of telling you that I am Patricia Cornwell’s fan and the books recommended in this article are some of her award winning books.

Cruel and Unusual

After the success of “All that remains” Patricia published Cruel and Unusual in the year 1993. The book contains 384 pages and contains an easy to read material. The story of the book is that Ronnie Waddell a murderer has been executed by the American Court. However after the execution, a new murder happens exactly in the similar fashion as used to be done by Ronnie. Is Ronnie not dead? What’s the mystery? Read this novel to know how Scarpetta solves this case. For this novel Patricia was given the Gold Dagger Award.

Book of the Dead

The book of the dead was written by Patricia Cornwell in the year 2007. The book contains 432 pages and was published exactly after the success of Predator. For this book Patricia won the British Book Awards’. Book of the Dead is the part and parcel of the Kay Scarpetta series and has been written in the style which is very much third-person omniscient in nature. The book revolves around suspense. Some people have criticized the book as well due to its story line however I personally think that the book was awesome.


Edgar Award was given to Patricia for this book. The book was a super hit during the 1990’s. The story of the book revolves around a serial killer who has killed many in Richmond. Scarpetta has to solve this case along with her team. The killer has left some clues as well along with the strangulated body. Will Scarpetta be able to solve this mystery? To know this, you need to purchase this book. The book contains 352 pages and immediately after the success of this book Patricia published the famous “Body of Evidence”


Patricia Cornwell is not an ordinary name when it comes to novel writing. The author has written countless books . Especially her Scarpetta series has been awesome. The books which I have mentioned are still available in the market and you can easily purchase these books at a reasonable price from your book store. There are many online platforms as well from where you can purchase these books. However in case of online stores, see to it that you purchase from credible stores only. Buying from less known online stores can be risky for you.

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