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Cause Of Death: Who Did It Better, Patricia Cornwell Or Dr. Cynric Temple-Camp?

The trend of reading books is dying every day to some extent. The huge chuck of Hollywood movies that are produced every year has a role to play in this phenomenon.

With so much live action and awesome stories right there at your TV screen, the idea of reading a book does not attract people in the way it used to. Well despite being in Generation X, I do read books and I can tell you with confidence that the entertainment which you get by reading a novel is far greater than you might get from a movie. A movie is actually a great way to introduce yourself to a book. I used to hear the expression from my parents’ generation, ‘Read the book, see the movie’ but I like to think it’s the other way round now! Reading, funnily enough, cannot be defined in words – rather, to experience it you need to read a novel yourself!

Patricia Cornwell

I am not telling you to read ‘dumb’ history books, but I am suggesting that you try out different styles to find the one that appeals: read thrillers and suspense novels, or perhaps you prefer classic story telling by both contemporary as well as older writers. Some non-fiction too. The author which I personally recommend to you, for some captivating entertainment, is Patricia Cornwell. She has written some of the best crime and suspense books since Agatha Christie, in my opinion. Her novels are easy to read and you can easily follow the storylines. Once you start reading her novels, it would be hard for you to stop. The more you read, the more excitement you get. Here I have shared those books of Patricia Cornwell which I personally enjoyed, and you can find a quick taster of some of them below.


Postmortem is one of her bestselling books; in fact it was her first. The book revolves around crime and is an absolute thriller. In 1991 the Edgar Award was awarded to Cornwell for this wonderful novel, which revolves around the personality of Dr. Kay Scarpetta, a medical examiner based in Virginia. Dr Kay Scarpetta must find the link that exists between various brutal murders. She must find the link before the serial killer comes for her own life. The novel is a must read and was published back in 1990. It contains 350 pages full of excitement and you will easily find it in any major bookstore or online.

Cruel & Unusual

Cruel and Unusual, published in 1993, is another masterpiece that is a must read for you, if you want to know the class of Patricia Cornwell. Cruel and Unusual was the fourth book of the Dr. Kay Scarpetta series and was an instant hit.

The novel revolves around the character of Dr. Kay Scarpetta who is asked to conduct an autopsy of Ronnie Waddell who had been previously convicted of murdering several individuals. The story gains momentum when a dead body of a young boy is then found, and who was murdered in the same way as Waddell used to murder his victims. How can a dead person murder someone? Will Dr. Kay Scarpetta be able to uncover the mystery? To know more, read this classic piece of literature.

The Body Farm

Body Farm also involves the super hit character of Dr. Kay Scarpetta, and which was published back in1994. An eleven year old girl has been murdered andthe murder seems to be the work of a serial killer. To know how Scarpetta actually stopped the killer, you will need to purchase this absolute masterpiece.


These three novels are my particular favorites. You may be thinking that I am a fan of the Dr. Kay Scarpetta series, and you know what? You are seriously right! However there are many other novels in the series as well which I would personally recommend. To know about these Novels, visit this Waterstone’s guide. Apart from the Kay Scarpetta series, Cornwell has written various other crime series as well. You can easily find these novels from your local book store. There are online forums as well from where you can find these novels with ease.

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