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When it comes to Patricia Cornwell Novel series then the only one which comes to my mind is the Famous Dr. Kay Scarpetta series. There are a lot of Novels written by Patricia in this series and discussing all of them would not be possible here. If you want to know about all the Novels in Kay Scarpetta series, then check this one by Goodreads. In this article the Novel which I will briefly touch upon is Postmortem. The novel was an instant hit and it was the first book as far as the Kay Scarpetta series is concerned.


The paperback edition of the book has 448 pages. After the publishing of the book, some journalist took interview from Cornwell. In these interviews Cornwell revealed the fact that the character of Scarpetta was patterned on herself. The Story of Postmortem is based on the real life of “South Side Strangler” who killed many in Richmond back in the 1980s.

Patricia Cornwell published Postmortem in the year 1990. The novel revolves around the life of Dr Kay Scarpetta who is a lawyer as well as a Chief Medical Examiner in Virginia. She has a niece by the name of Lucy who is fond of computer. Scarpetta has a team of crime fighters which include people like Pete Marino who is a detective in Raymond Police Department. Scarpetta loves Lucy a lot and she is very watchful about the upbringing of her niece. The mother of Lucy does not care much about her hence Kay has opened her home for Lucy. In fact Lucy helps Kay in her tricky investigations.

The entire thrill is there in the city of Richmond as this is the city where a serial killer is strangling, stalking and raping young women. Dr Scarpetta is working very hard to solve this crime before the next attack of the killer surfaces. Along with the issues of the investigation, Scarpetta is also not going very well with her fellow detective Pete Marino. Scarpetta is in a strange situation as she now has to solve the crime and along with it she has to manage her relationships with Pete Marino as well.

I would not be sharing the ending of the novel with you guys at the moment however what I can say is that Postmortem is a novel through which you can learn the science linked with crime solving. Many of the scientific things mentioned in the books are outdated now but still if you read it thinking that you are in the 1990’s then everything will make sense for you.


The books of Patricia Cornwell are a must read for you if you are a fan of crime and suspense. The story line of her books is well-thought out and in each case, it flows very naturally. You can get lost in the books of Cornwell and read 100 pages without realizing! If you would like to know more about Patricia Cornwell’s books , then buy some!

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