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Patricia Cornwell’s Popular Series of Novels

When you talk about the most amazing and most gifted authors of the world, then you cannot miss the name of Patricia Cornwell. Patricia Cornwell is certainly one of the best writes of the world and she has been entertaining her readers since the early 1990's. Patricia is mostly known for writing American crime fiction stories. The best-selling series that was written by Patricia is none other than the series that features Dr. Kay Scarpetta. These books are so popular that they have already sold more than a 100 million copies. This shows that Patricia is sensational writer and is naturally gifted in her field of expertise. If you want to learn more about the books written by Patricia Cornwell then you can surely choose to visit her official website.


Patricia Cornwell was born on June 9, 1956 and she is a direct descendant of the famous write Harriet Beecher Stowe. She is the second among three children and the names of her parents are Marilyn and Sam Daniels. Patricia's father was a brilliant lawyer and was part of one of the leading appellate lawyers in the United States. Patricia Cornwell was a very bright student, she was a brilliant cartoonist and she was also a pretty good athlete, especially at tennis. She attended King College in Bristol but after a while she chose to transfer to Davidson College and from there she graduated in 1979 in B.A. English.


Patricia Cornwell has had a terrific career, however it was so great since the beginning. Cornwell started her career in the year 1979 when she began to work as a reporter for The Charlotte Observer. She started off as a TV listings editor but slowly and gradually she was able to become a crime reporter. Cornwell was so good at what she did that she was able to win a Norn Carolina Press Association's Investigative Reporting Award. Cornwell did not become a writer until very late, she began to work on her first book in the year 1984. The book was about a detective named Joe Constable. Another character in the book was Dr. Marcella Farinelli Fierro and she was also the inspiration for Cornwell's character Dr. Kay Scarpetta.

The Scarpetta Series

The most popular series that was written by Patricia Cornwell was none other than the Scarpetta series. The main highlight of this novel is that it depicts a lot of scenes based on forensic science and that is what interests a lot of people. The story mainly revolves around the forensic investigation of a victim’s corpse. However, Dr. Kay Scarpetta does not perform a lot of medical examinations on the corpse, instead she is mostly observed in the field. The novels also offer a wonderful climax because most of the time there is an amazing action scene before the ending. The Scarpetta series follows an even wider theme and that is why reading every single novel will certainly prove to be an enjoyable experience.


Just like most other celebrities Patricia Cornwell has also had some legal issues. One of the most popular cases that is talked about is the Leslie Sachs case. According to this case, Leslie Sachs who was the author of The Virginia Ghost Murders claimed that Patricia Cornwell has copied her idea. However, the court dropped the charges against Patricia Cornwell and awarded her $37.780 in damages to make up for the costs that she had used in order to defend herself.

Personal Life

After graduating from Davidson College, Patricia Cornwell decided to get married to one of her English professors Charles L. Cornwell. The marriage took place on June 14, 1980, the marriage lasted for 9 years and finally ended in the year 1989. This was because Charles Cornwell gave up his career as a professor and took up preaching. After the divorce, Patricia Cornwell decided to retain her married surname.

This was a short biography about Patricia Cornwell. Cornwell has certainly made her mark on the world through her books and she has proven that she is a wonderful writer who can produce some of the best reading material of this century. If you ever want to entertain yourself by reading some crime inspired books, then you should certainly read Patricia Cornwell’s work.


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